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Jay Raven, Spider Clan, Earth Lodge

See the spider, calm and confident, poised in the center of it's sophisticated web; there it remains instinctive, meek and observant. The adventurous and aesthetic web of silk, woven with sinews manifested from within the depths of the spider itself, is a marvel of imagination, resolve and purpose. Adaptation and intuition are it's tools; by dangling from an awkward precipice and jumping determinedly into the wind it forges clever foundations and weaves intricate connections. Together, the spider and web, are both narrator and story, inventor and cornerstone; they are uniquely symbiotic, possessing a seamless union of balance, creativity and style. 

In my creative process, I move freely between symmetry and discord: I embrace adventure and discovery; anticipating the unexpected, exploring tangents and forging connections. As I explore the infinite web of my imagination, I observe and illustrate the contrasts of natural and eccentric shapes, the geometric flow of lines and the amplified proportions of personas and vistas. And thus, loose ideas, disparate imagery and fantastic themes are readily woven into new and imaginative patterns and pictures. I weave my pieces with purpose, action and verve, allowing the many concepts within to be interpreted naturally into peculiar and fascinating works of art.

I am inspired and enchanted by the curiosities of mysticism, subculture, folk art and surrealism, and I consider visual artists: Brian Froud, Norval Morrisseau, Robert Williams  and Todd Schorr as special influences to my artistic technique and philosophy. 

I got my PhD in Creativity and my Masters in Imagination. 

E: jayravenart@gmail.com

Visual Artist

Painting, Illustration & Murals.